Category: Cover

Here is cover which I did in my studio only for fun ! All instruments are live, no samples.Drums (played by Petr Hataš) Sonor Ascent, mics: audix D6-kick, audix i5-snare top, shure sm57-snare bottom, shure sm7b-hihat, rack tom-audix D4, audix D6 - floor tom,overheads-audix adx-51, mono room-rode nt5, far room- rode nt5.Bass guitar Darkglass b7k with parallel DI chain.Guitars - Mesa Boogie Roadking II with 4x12 half open back - front mic audix i5 on V30, back mic Audix D6.Vocals(Jarek from Faces are fiction) - Shure sm7b.